The Search for Atlantis

Plato’s Atlantis was the precursor to his epic and quantifiable exposition The Republic, a discourse on the ideal society. How government should run, the election of public servants, the laws and the behaviour of its citizens—men. Women were mentioned but weren’t considered as major players in workings of the social order. So was Plato writing about a civilisation that once existed or did he make it all up to create a moralistic story? It is this driving quest that has stirred the imaginations of storytellers and historians for hundreds of years. Was Atlantis a real place?

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The Elusive Location of Atlantis Part 2

In the previous post, The Elusive Location of Atlantis Part 1, I wrote about the possible locations of Atlantis, and the strongest theory to emerge was it was in the Atlantic Ocean. The Piri Reis Map of 1513 is perhaps where we should start. Piri Reis was an Admiral with the Turkish Navy and collected maps of the day as well as much older charts. His world map was a compilation based on one Columbus used for his journeys as well as “antique” versions he had in his collection. According to sources, his collections were those that survived the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria. It was alleged these maps were based on ancient charts and may have dated back to the time of Atlantis. The only portion that has survived is of North and South America, Greenland and Antarctica, which hadn’t been discovered by the then explorers at the time or when Piri Reis drew the map.

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From Mundus Subterraneus 1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top. Wikipedia

Athanasius Kircher’s map of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From Mundus Subterraneus 1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top.

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Season’s Greetings

It’s that time of the year and wow, did it come quick! I blinked and months jettisoned by. December has well and truly arrived. Here in Perth, Australia, it is predicted to be a warm Christmas, 30+ degrees Celsius. Seafood, cold beverages and barbequed dishes will be on the menu. Our family will congregate and spend the day eating and drinking; responsibly of course. ;D

I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends who’ve I met via this blog and other networks and to you, my wonderful and loyal readers. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit my blog and for your amazing comments, which I have immensely enjoyed reading and responding to.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and peaceful New Year.


This is my last post for 2014 and will see you in 2015.

Happy Holidays!

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Wild Theories and Mysticisms

The legend of Atlantis has been around for over twenty-four hundred years and people still talk and write about it, including me. There are countless books, both fiction and non-fiction not to mention the documentaries. People are fascinated by the enigma of Atlantis, the achievements of the people and the “utopian” imagery it produced. There are a number of well-known people who wrote about Atlantis and were quite influential in garnering support for their theories. I will be focussing on a few of the more notable individuals whose works created wide-world interest and had an effect on powerful leaders.

Cover Book cover of Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius L. Donnelly (1831–1901). original book cover. Wikipedia


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