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My next short story The Curse of Troy: Helen’s Story will be launched on Thursday 10th January 2013. I have been working on a cover for the story for  about a month now and would like to share it with you. I quite like it. It has mystic and allure. But I am torn between two and would like you to vote for your favourite. You can read the synopsis here.


Book Cover 1

Helen 6

Book Cover 2

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15 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal

  1. Cover 1 is more distinctivw while cover 2 seems overly complicated and difficult to read.


  2. Cover 1 is my favorite. ANOTHER great cover!


  3. I seem to be the minority on this but I actually like Cover 2 a bit more because of the framing around Helen. That being said, the things that throw me off about it that you see Helen’s feet in the bar over her head and the lady’s red garment is in both the left and right frame. Maybe those areas could be just a neutral color or kept desaturated while Helen was more bold in color like in Cover 1? Whichever you go with, awesome work!


  4. The white text stands out more clearly, making it easier to read the information. Also, as in photography, the slightly off-center subject leads the eye more readily into the image.


  5. I like the photo in cover 2 and the placement of the title. The only thing that stands out for me on cover 1 is the color of the text.


    • I like cover two as well. I tried a lighter colour for the text but it got lost in the background. Moved it around to see where it worked best but eventually settled on the current position. Thank you so much for your comment :)


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