Life as an emerging writer

To continue…

The most difficult thing about deciding what you really want to do, is doing it. Working full-time as a secondary teacher did not give me a lot of time to pursue my dream but nothing was going to stop me from trying. So every school holidays, where possible, I would write. Not easy when there are other commitments plus having a life! Once home from work, it was difficult to be creative. After spending a day teaching there is not much juice left in the brain. Day after day spent thinking of ways to make lessons interesting and fun. I had nothing left to give both mentally and physically.

My first book will never see the light of day. It is locked away in my filing cabinet as reminder of my first attempt at writing a full manuscript. The theme of the book was about the myth of Atlantis, the rest well, a romantic view of life. Despite this I still wanted to write so I changed the storyline to one about Atlanteans travelling the world and seeing it through their eyes. Feeling proud about it I sent the manuscript off to an assessment agency. Thinking  I had written the next best thing, well to say the least it was disheartening when I got the report back. I don’t remember the exact wording but the assessor stated the story was a travelogue of the ancient world with no real storyline. Ouch!

Hmmm… food for thought.