Social networking… really???

A very good friend of mine was at me to get a webpage set  up. She kept saying I needed to get my name out there and what I am writing. I have to say I resisted. I did not want to spend time signing up for and organising a webpage. This same friend and I caught for lunch one day and while strolling around Victoria Park we popped into Crow Books. I purchased two books. Can’t seem to walk into a bookstore without buying a book! I purchased the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2012. I read it from cover to cover. Twice. Highlighting and tagging sections. If you are a writer and want to be published it is worth buying this book.

There is a section in it on writers’ and artists’ online. Plus advice from authors on social networking. So there it was, in black and white (now highlighted in green).  I didn’t want to go down this path just yet but as a still emerging writer it was in my best interest to do it.

I looked at many authors’ blogs before starting on mine, just to get an idea of what to write. That was the hardest part. Thank goodness I have great friends to discuss ideas with. 

So I will continue to blog…