The Decision

The decision to resign/retire from teaching was actually easy. In fact, if it wasn’t for the ‘push’ or was it a ‘thrust’? given by a colleague, I probably still be teaching.  Let me just say, the Universe has been working hard to make me realise what I am meant to be doing. After four car accidents, yes four, the last I did not mention in the first blog. (I was the meat in the sandwich in that one.) And two incidents at work, I then knew it was time to move on.

At first, I did not understand the purpose behind the car accidents. The one thing I did know was I wanted to write. So write I did. But the accidents kept coming. And then I was asking why me? Why are these accidents happening? It forced me to look at myself, something that is never easy to do. What I found, I didn’t like but you know what? it helped me to learn about myself and deal with issues I did not want to face. I am still learning about myself but it is getting easier.

I strongly believe the Universe was telling me to follow my dream of writing stories and because I kept missing the signs, It needed to send a strong message. I finally got it.

I don’t regret my past as a teacher. I met wonderful people who are still friends. Now it is my time to look forward to a new career and one that is fruitful.