The Process

When I first started writing The Legacy, the basic plot was about a group of Atlanteans travelling the known world and to learn how world has evolved. I had just returned from a Contiki trip of Europe so the idea of a mythical people travelling through the ancient world was to whet my own appetite. If I couldn’t do it in reality why not create one. The plot has changed significantly and a much better story.

I also got smarter and attended writing workshops. There I learnt to set out my story in scenes giving the plot room to grow and expand, just like a garden. I read and read, both fiction and non-fiction books. Books on Atlantis, Ancient Greece, books by ancient writers. You get the picture. With regards to fiction, I like to read a variety of genres but do focus on Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy.

Plotting out the scenes is an interesting process and just like my characters, the story doesn’t always follow exactly what I have planned. New storylines enter and diverge creating a subtle change in the narrative. Just as in life, a decision you make takes us on different journeys. That’s what makes writing so exciting. I just don’t know what is going to happen next.