Importance of research

In a workshop last year the person running the course asked us to share with the group what we were writing . When I explained my storyline and genre, someone asked how can you write about a period that is thousands of years in the past. My answer: research, research and more research. As well as reading fiction in that genre. At first, I had to admit what a silly question to ask but after thinking about it, thought not everyone would consider to write about a time so long in our past.

I research all the time. Yesterday I was writing a scene where my main characters are about to travel to the Palace of Knossos. I wanted to make sure in describing the palace the details were accurate. I have books on Knossos and Krete but needed more information. Little details that make a reader sit up and take notice because readers are very discerning people. Plus visual aids are very useful. I have lots of pictures pinned, sticky-taped and blue-tacked in my study.

I am currently reading The lost empire of Atlantis by Gavin Menzies and novel by David Gemmell Fall of Kings the third book in his Troy series. Sadly, Mr Gemmell passed away in 2007. The first book has valuable information on Krete, the Minoans and the theory of Atlantis. These elements form the premise for my trilogy. The second is more for learning the art of writing Historical Fiction.


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