I was watching Castle on DVD, and yes, I am a fan. I like the quirkiness and  pace of the stories. I flicked over to the bonus features and watched a ’round-table’ discussion between creator, producer, graphic novelist and author Michael Connelly. The creator asked Mr Connelly what he does about distractions. That same day I wrote about this in the previous post. Coincidence?

I believe in coincidences. They happen for a reason. Some are obvious and others need deciphering. The Collins dictionary defines it: ‘a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected.’ 

So what is the connection between my watching a segment where a best-selling author talks about the same subject matter as I have written? One: he confirmed that distractions happen, just work through them; two: everyone has them; and three: I was meant to watch it at that time.

By the way, I have just joined the Goodreads community. You will see the widget on the right beneath the others.