The Job

Like most jobs, writing needs to be treated as  one. Dedication and motivation is also essential. When we start a new job there’s that sense of excitement, trepidation and the good old butterflies in the stomach. For me, the excitement and trepidation, both feature strongly. I am excited at this new chapter in my life and where it will take me. A little anxious, only because I don’t know what the year will bring, but it plays a very small part. No butterflies either. Why would there be?  

My  work day starts early. Once I have done the various chores around the house, then I am at my desk. The phone is on ‘Do not disturb’ until the end of the day. I take regular breaks, every hour. Not long, just enough to stretch and take a toilet break. Lunch is half an hour, dishes washed then back out to the study. Emails checked before I get back into it. The time flies, sometimes I wonder where the day goes. Usually I am lost in the ancient world, creating my own myth.

I am still editing. Due diligence. Not the easiest thing to do when your baby is changing.