I’m a traditionalist, so what?

I have been researching self-publishing, e-publishing and everything else in between. So much literature out there that it is confusing. Some tell you about the advantages to self-publishing but there’s also those articles warning you about the pitfalls and scams. There are writers who  published in e-book format, and have done really well. There a those who are earning a modest income, and writers’ still at the starting block, trying to get some interest in their work. What is a girl to do? All writers want to be published, either digitally or in hard print, sometimes both!

Let’s admit it, all writers want their work appreciated and seen in print. I know I do. I want my work published in print. I look forward to the day of going into a bookstore to see copies of my book on the shelf. Heck, bookstores around the world!

There’s something about picking up a book and turning physical pages. And no, reading an e-book is not the same thing. I like the idea of going to the beach, park, wherever and laying down under a clear blue sky and reading a book. An e-book doesn’t conjure the same image or feeling. I’m not against technology, I upgrade my computer, camera and phone when necessary.

Regardless, self-publishing/e-publishing is something I need to consider. As they say, be open-minded because to close yourself to possible opportunities is plain stupid.