Spinning heads

I have just spent the last 4-5 hours researching Literary Agents and I am exhausted. Reading their submission guidelines and agent profiles is enough to make your head spin! I’ve tried to narrow my search to agents who are more inclined to read Historical Fantasy. I even checked out best-selling Historical Fantasy’s and to be honest, what I found was a lot of Historical/Fantasy/Romance. Thankfully, I did find a few notable authors such as George R.R. Martin, who has a strong following.

What makes it difficult is the cross-over genres that features in my story. However, I am not the only one. There are many writers whose works feature a kaleidoscope of genres. Michael J. Sullivan’s series Riyia Revelations is such one. Self-published the first two books and now contracted with Orbit Books. Good news for me!

The gate-keepers–agents–are extremely picky and I guess they can be with so many writers wanting and waiting to be published. They certainly can have their pick. Yet, I still wonder how some writers get published. Some books I’ve seen and read while teaching certainly begs the question how! I guess it comes down to what is hot on the market and the need to churn out books to feed the masses.


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  1. Julie Duthie

    I understand exactly what you mean Luc about reading the blurb or first chapter of a book and looking at it in disbelief that it has actually been published!! Maybe you need to go on a reality show to raise your profile 😉 P.S. Please don’t do that!


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