I believe in me

One of the most difficult thing to realise is fulfilling your dreams. Its funny, as a teacher I would often tell students to follow their hearts and do what you love. Yet here I was doing the opposite. I became a teacher because it’s what I wanted to do, but over time it became a burden and my heart wasn’t in it. And then the Universe was sending lots of messages I failed to take note of and simply wasn’t ready to listen. Well, finally I did listen and here I am doing exactly what I have been preaching to hundreds of students.

You know what it took? Self confidence. It took a long time to believe in myself and the realisation I could write. It was one of the most difficult things to overcome. Years of hearing people say unkind things or whittling away at your self-esteem takes a toll. Sometimes people say things without meaning to, we’ve all made such comments and as they say we are human. But words stick especially in young, vulnerable minds. They linger until adulthood where life experience teaches you and hopefully can develop the skills to deal with it.

I knew I was good a sport so playing and competition wasn’t an issue but academically, I never thought I was good enough. An average student. I don’t believe that anymore. I look at those who achieved great success either in business, sport, sciences, humanities and media and what they have in common. Self confidence. These individuals have belief in their ability and skills otherwise they would not be where they are today. If the Donald Trump’s, Sir Alan Sugar’s, the Miranda Kerr’s and J.K. Rowling’s of this world did not believe in their ability to achieve or the strength of courage to push through the bad times, they certainly would not have been successful. And I don’t mean success in the monetary sense in this case, but success in believing in themselves. As Louise Hay’s states in her wonderful wisdom, as baby’s we are born with confidence, we didn’t know any different but its the experiences we have as we grow that affects us. But the good thing is, we can change this.

I believe in me.


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