The virtue of patience

‘I write to discover what I think.’ Joan Didion

Being patient is not one of my greatest virtues. If it was possible I would like certain things to have already happened rather than wait for it to happen. It goes hand in hand with not able to control certain elements of your life. Don’t get me wrong, you can control some things but like getting feedback or a positive response from a literary agent, it isn’t always probable. It’s also frustrating. I am waiting to start the next stage in my career as writer but its all pending on whether the agent/s love my work. As they say, all it takes is one and the right agent to get on board.

Its funny though. In my former career as a teacher, I had a lot of patience for my students (just not the misbehaving ones!) In my own life, not so. I wonder how many people also feel the same way? I dare say many! Its different when your life is changing and you want to hurry it along in the direction you want to go. I have learnt to develop strategies to be more patient. It certainly wasn’t an easy passage. However, this transition hasn’t transposed itself to dealing with driving or other drivers! I don’t tolerate stupidity.

A friend kindly said to me today that I am patient. It’s nice to know others do see it because some days it doesn’t feel that way. I have days when thinking I have done all that is possible, why isn’t it happening. Then I realise, it is happening. I am doing exactly what I want and loving it. Getting published in the traditional sense takes time. There is the right agent and publisher out there waiting for me, we just haven’t met yet. So each day I tell myself it is happening, all I need is patience.

As they say, good things come to those who wait.