Words or pictures?

‘If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it
I might be writing in my dreams.’ Terri Guillemets

A picture can paint a thousand words, but words can create a thousand pictures. We all can read the same book but come up with different meanings and images because of our experiences. Depending on we are from it can either be enriching or be determined by pre-existing ideas. What an author intends to be interpreted may be completely misconstrued or perhaps read in a different light.

How many times have you read a book recommended either by a friend or a book club and told it is wonderful and life-changing? I read the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay and found it inspirational. Life-changing… well, I had started a new path but what I can say, it gave me direction.

Books are a magical objects really. You can be transported from the present to the past, take a journey, move from real to fantasy and look into the window of someone’s life. All this created with the power of words and conjuring images only you can see. How wonderful is that! This is a world I want to be a part of and give people a little of magic.

Read, read and read! That’s what I say. What book has inspired you or helped change your life?


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  1. Rustic Recluse

    Can’t help but agree, and to bring it to another level, I’m not a fan of e-books (conservative I may be) – I like books that are tangible, those that I can flip the pages. Indeed, each page you flip brings you along a new journey!
    Then I popped by your “About” page and realise we have similar hobbies – I’m into History studies and I advocate reading/writing/gaining knowledge. So there. Thanks for sharing this!


    • cav12

      I don’t really like e-books either, plus after a day typing to read a book from essentially a computer just doesn’t work for me. Though, if I don’t get published in the traditional way, I will need to look at the option of e-publishing.
      Thanks for visiting.


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