Consuming passion

My head space is so crammed with being in a creative world I forget about what needs to be done in the present. Like ringing to make appointments or changing an insurance policy, paying bills, updating budgets, the list goes on. I do have a diary. Probably should use it more often. In my defense, I do use it. To write what section or chapter I am up to in my manuscript and well… that’s it.

I sit at my desk and am teleported into a world of my own creation and there I stay. I have finished editing my manuscript and now am amending the edits. A  vicious cycle really, however the point is, when I am immersed in the work nothing else exists. When I break for lunch, I put on a documentary to watch while eating. Usually I choose anything to do with Ancient History: Greek, Roman, Persian, Egyptian. I think you get the picture. Its immersion and a passion.

Just the other night I watched a program on The Lost Ships of Rome, an archaeological dive off the island of Ventotene, Italy, where five Roman ships have been discovered. One point of interest came up: this island was where Julia, Emperor Augustus’ daughter, was exiled. I had heard in another documentary it was Capri where she was exiled. I will now be researching to find out which one is right. The point is, my head is always in a different time and place, no matter what I am doing, where I am or who I am with. Besides, I am always eager to learn something new, especially if it is to do with the ancient world. I never know where ideas may come from! I do have pretty full note pad and years worth of writing.

No time to be bored.