My Akhilles Heel

So what is it about Greek Mythology and its enduring fascination for me? Well, there’s a number of integral reasons:

  1. The fables are eternal
  2. The messages contained within
  3. Illustrates human behaviour in any given situation and/or predicament
  4. Gives rules on life and living
  5. The romance of the narrative
  6. You have heroes and heroines
  7. The gods are imperfect, unpredictable, irrational, selfish; very human behaviours
  8. Offer hope where there may have none
  9. And they are a good rollicking yarn

There is so much to learn from mythology and for the people of the ancient world they meant a great deal more. Why would have Alexander the Great taken with the Homer’s Iliad with him when he conquered the Persian Empire? And why did the Roman elite learn Ancient Greek? Besides the fact they conquered them, because it was considered erudite and prestigious.

We can learn a lot from mythology, whatever country they’re from. They are a rich source of morals and in giving lessons on life.  These were the original forms of communicating to the masses, way before the printed word and definitely pre-dating telecommunications and computers. It was their social network.

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