I have something to say

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.

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Today was very productive. Most days usually are but for the first time in many months, well this year in actuality, I got back to writing on my third book. I spent the morning reading over what was written, did some research – needed to collaborate some details about a place I was including in the narrative – and this afternoon, wrote and wrote.

A great feeling especially since my focus has been on editing and polishing my first book. Though, it will never be completely edited to my satisfaction and will return to have another look. It was nice just to get back into the creative process, not that I haven’t been, but to write new scenes was fun. I do have an outline but even still my characters surprise me with what they do and what they say.

I have also been busy looking at other blogs and what people write about, hence the quote. It’s wonderful to be able to see into the window of these individuals who allow us all to take a peek. Thank you.




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