The Measure of Success

Why is it when people think of success they equate it with money? Is it the only yardstick we should be using? And what is success really?

For me success, and this is only my humble view, is about happiness and sense of achievement. It doesn’t have to come in the form of money or material possessions but how it makes me feel. I live moderately, had a successful career and now am moving towards a new stage in my life, which is exciting and at times a little scary. Nothing wrong with that, gets the adrenaline pumping!

Success is finding cures, inventing new devices or technology to protect our environment and animals, to learn something new, being creative and yet money tags along for the ride. I am successful everyday when I get up, have breakfast and go to work doing something I love. I am grateful for my success. I don’t need to measure it, I have it.

We need money, yes, for without it we cannot eat and pay our living expenses. But are those individuals who have success and plenty of money happy? Be honest when you answer the question. Just look at the Gina Rinehart’s of this world.

Success comes from within.


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