Batten down the hatches!

For those who live the northern hemisphere or those outside Australia, Perth and the South-West  have been punished by cyclonic winds. Now the weather bureau  won’t say its a cyclone despite claiming the winds were a category 2. 

It has been a stressful day. We lost our fence and still unfortunately we’ve yet to hear from contractors to put up a temporary one as the backyard and bedroom is now exposed. Though, I am very grateful the house isn’t damaged and we are safe, unlike many families. Apparently, this is the worst storm to hit our state and they still won’t say it was a cyclone!

Over 160,000 homes were without power and 100,000 still in the dark. My sister is married to a dairy farmer and they are waiting for power to be connected. Thankfully, the dairy had electricity by this morning, otherwise the cows cannot be milked, they get sick and then the farmers have to dispose of them. Sad really, especially as it is their livelihood.

Weather is a strange phenomenon. We love it when the sun is shining and perfect, yet when it  creates havoc we despair, especially when it is damaging. 

As the saying goes, life goes on.



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  1. Virginia

    Ooh thats not good! I hope things settle down. I’m a Perth girl (but I live in NSW) so a lot of my friends are going through this now. Sending calm weather vibes to you all living in the most beautiful place in Australia! 🙂


    • cav12

      Thank you. We’re going to need it! Bracing ourselves for another category 2 cyclone tonight. Though NSW has certainly had their fair share in tumultuous weather. And keep those vibes coming 🙂


  2. Rustic Recluse

    Hope all’s ok now? Its sad, I realised Australia/New Zealand have suffered much from bad weather (ok Japan too, but if we’re talking about the North, we’ll leave Japan to another story). Please take care!


    • cav12

      Thank you. There is another storm front to hit late tonight that will be more wide spread. I am hoping it will die off or at least be not as bad. No venturing out tonight!


  3. juliehhicks

    The weather definitely seems to have a mind and character all its own sometimes – though I guess if we didn’t have the stormy days, the sunny ones wouldn’t be as appreciated. Glad you all are safe!


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