Head Space or Head Case?

I have to admit in these last few days, my head has not been in the right space. Since Sunday’s cyclone and with an impending one looming in the next few hours, I could not even think about writing. I did try. I have 3 writing projects going: my first manuscript under edit; the third book in the series still in progress; and a stand alone novella. So what did I do? Caught up on the blogs I follow, checked the weather bureau site throughout for warnings [supposed to be heading out to tutoring but decided it was better to stay home], checked emails and now blogging.

This is still writing, but I could not string a creative thought together. I had difficulty concentrating on reading samples of writing for a workshop that I’m attending on the weekend. Had to make notes on them. Yeah… right. I’m going to have fun interpreting what I’ve written. Looks like I may have to go over the notes.

Up until last week, the writing was not a problem. The sentences flowing, the characters developing right before my eyes, and the story progressing nicely. It is amazing when something happens, big or small, how it affects the way you think. I sometimes wonder how much influence is from the incident or what your mind conjures and the emotions that go with it. The mind is a powerful organ and an overactive one is wonderful but can be exhausting.   

So, back to the question: head space or head case? Hmmm… I’ll take the former, the latter is not me… yet.


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  1. Lisa Ann Hayes

    I’m hoping I sometimes have head space issues instead of head case! 🙂 And I have done exactly what you did. Just changed the writing vehicle so I still got something done.


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