Learning something new about myself

I have just discovered something about myself that I wasn’t aware of before and it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

I can’t seem to write at night. I think it comes down to one thing: my brain is tired. Even now I have to admit the flow of words is a struggle as is the typing. I definitely make more typos and my spelling falls to the side. Writing during the day is certainly more productive and the creative juices are abundant.

Though this is a new aspect about myself I have learnt, it is something I can deal with. No point stressing about it, certainly won’t solve anything. Now I just need to develop new strategies and only do what I can in the evenings.

The question I’d like to ask you all is, do you have similar issues?


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  1. Patricia Awapara

    I am a morning person, considering waking up early means not before 8:30 am. However, I must wake up for work around 6:00 am, with much effort. When it comes to writing, it depends on the day. I love writing in the early mornings (weekends) because is quit, peaceful and I can listen to the birds singing. During the week, I write in my lunch time and breaks (and sometimes during work when nothing is happening.. heehee). But for the most part, I have to write at night, because is the only time I have.

    The way I accomplish being alert at night – coffee 😀
    PS. Great post! made me think about my habits.


    • cav12

      I may have to wake an hour early to write in the morning. It will need some careful consideration. 🙂 Coffee is good but if I drink it at night I won’t sleep!
      Thanks for commenting Patricia. Nice to know what someone else does.


  2. juliehhicks

    I’m mainly the opposite – I write better at night but morning attempts result to me realizing my need for coffee. That being said, a long day at work sometimes leaves me sitting in front of the computer in a pool of my own drool. So, weekends/days off are my best friend!

    Hmmm, coffee seems to be the general writer’s best friend also! 🙂


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