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I want to take the opportunity to tell you about the type of stories I write. You may have already guessed from of the posts about great historic landmarks and some of you may have read in the About Me section. I’d like to explain more about the genre and why.

Death of Priam
Louvre Museum
Photo by Jastrow (2006)

The books and short stories I have written are Historical Fantasy. Everyone knows what historical means and with that in mind, my stories have fantasy elements. It is perhaps more a niche market but I do believe fantasy readers will enjoy the magical or supernatural themes and historical fiction readers will also enjoy because of the references made. My stories can also be categorised as Epic.

Definition of Epic stories:
‘Long, narrative poem in an elevated style that celebrates heroic achievement and treats themes of historical, national, religious, or legendary significance. Primary (or traditional) epics are shaped from the legends and traditions of a heroic age and are part of oral tradition; secondary (or literary) epics are written down from the beginning, and their poets adapt aspects of traditional epics. The poems of Homer are usually regarded as the first important epics and the main source of epic conventions in western Europe. These conventions include the centrality of a hero, sometimes semi-divine; an extensive, perhaps cosmic, setting; heroic battle; extended journeying; and the involvement of supernatural beings.’
Britannica Concise Encyclopaedia.

I first got into Fantasy by chance really. In primary school I read a lot of Trixie Beldin, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and so on. Then as a teenager got into romance fiction but soon tired of reading romance stories and wanted to try something different. I picked up book by David Eddings The Belgariad and that as they say is history. I pretty much read all his books. Then tried different fantasy stories, it is a broad genre. I didn’t just read fantasy though, I also enjoyed horror aka Stephen King, Dean Koontz types. As my taste matured, I moved into thrillers Michael Connelly, PD Martin, Jonathon Kellerman. Even adventure stories.
Then I read The Iliad. An epic story about heroes, romance, great battles, gods, it has everything. I was hooked. So I delved into Historical Fiction to get an idea of the period of time and how these authors wrote. Then I looked for books that linked fantasy and history. I also read non-fiction for research purposes and because it’s interesting.I am writing a series of short stories based on characters in Greek mythology, so are well-known and others not. The first is currently available Aphrodite’s Curse on Amazon and Smashwords.

If you have any questions about my other works please contact me on this blog or email.


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    • cav12

      Awesome. 🙂 If you are interested I’m looking for readers for my short story before I publish it. It’s about Helen of Troy.
      thank you Maarit-Johanna
      love, Luciana


  1. juliehhicks

    Hey, I started the love of reading with Nancy Drew too! (Thanks to a wonderful aunt that decided a mystery novel would be a better gift for her young niece than some sweater or whatnot that would hide away in the closet).


    • cav12

      Wow! Thank you for this wonderful honour. Never in my wildest dreams did I think people would like my blog. I accept your nomination.
      And congratulations to you for receiving this award as well.
      Humbly, Luciana


  2. Theodore

    Your post, What I Write Eternal Atlantis, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Theodore!


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