Multiple Awards

I received a surprise message from the lovely Emily Guido of The Light Bearer Series fame before Christmas nominating me for a quintet of awards. THANK YOU Emily, my head is still reeling! Three of the five I received during 2012 and not sure I deserve the other two, but Emily assured me otherwise. There are, as always, instructions and while it’s good to adhere to them, I’m going to be a little creative with their interpretation.

I would also like to add this will be the last nomination I will accept. As they say, go out with a bang!

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My nominees are:

Literature and Culture A wonderful blog about world literature and history.

She Kept a Parrot  Take a virtual journey with George as she showcases her photos from her garden to railway tracks and beyond.

History of the Ancient World An extraordinary collection of historical facts

Welcome to the official Blog of Equatours Limited This is where I travel vicariously. Awesome locations with great information and pics

The World of Alexander the Great If you want to know about Alexander the Great, this is the blog for you. Comprehensive and thorough.

Author Thelma Cunningham Probably the most compassionate site I follow.

Poeta Officium A writer’s journey, one of which I can relate to. Thanks Virginia.

Julie Hicks A blog with character Actually, I don’t need to add more, but I will anyway. Julie’s blog is witty and her weekly story excerpts are fun and well written. Look for her pictures, they are whimsical and cute.


Love Luciana


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  1. George Weaver

    What do I think, huh? I think you are entirely too generous to an old woman! I was just at your blog moments ago when I discovered your nomination for the Reality Award. Oh, my, I’m caught with my lacy bloomers askew here! If there is an award that is significant to me, it is the reality one because that’s what I try my best to present in my little blog. I giggled about the “Yippee” line too. I don’t know any of the other blogs so I am excited to learn about them. My New Year’s Resolution is to embark on a mission of discovery in 2013. You just provided a jumping off point! I am touched that you would think of including me in your last awards. You are kind. And you really have encouraged me to post more often. Thank you.

    I am looking forward to “The Curse of Troy”! I wish you much success in 2013!

    Bless you,


    • cav12

      You’re welcome 🙂 The blogs nominated are ones that have the greatest impact on me and enjoy reading. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world.
      Like you, I have made a number of goals for this year and intend to interact and engage with those who I connect with.
      I look forward to seeing your posts and wonderful yet touching photos.

      I hope ‘The Curse of Troy’ is successful too!

      warmest wishes


  2. History of the Ancient World

    Congratulations on your well deserved awards Luciana. Thank you so much for nominating my blogs, you are too kind. I appreciate your support. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2013. Love & respect, Maarit-Johanna


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