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By the end of this month, I’ll be launching the inaugural ‘Eternal Atlantis’ e-Bulletin. As a subscriber you will be the first to:

  • learn about book launches
  • privy to samples of works in progress
  • access to unique information not included in the blog, such as resources read for creating stories, inspiring images, movies that made an impression
  • and advanced notifications regarding competitions.

To subscribe to the e-Bulletin, click on the link  Enter your email and get started today. As a gift and to say ‘Thank you’ for signing up, the first twenty-five (25) subscribers will receive a free copy of Aphrodite’s Curse.

BE the first to know!

Please note: This is a private list – your email address will not be shared.

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  1. juliehhicks

    I’m such a corn dog – I tried to subscribe but the auto message pop-up kindly informed me that my email is already subscribed! I didn’t realize being subscribed to the blog already counted for the bulletin – guess I was just trying to get a double dose of Eternal Atlantis! : )


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