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I’ve been so busy polishing and buffing my story that before I realised it, we’re in the middle of March. Then I started to panic. With so much to do, I almost forgot to let my wonderful friends in the bloggers’ sphere know about the impending publishing date.

Next Thursday, 21 March is the official launch day for my short story A Goddess’ Curse. It will be published on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords. Write it down in your diaries, PDAs, iPhones’, androids, calendar. It is about Hera, the Queen of the Gods. I wrote a post The Price of Love which if you haven’t had a chance to read, will give you a bit of insight into her mythology.

I have four possible cover choices for the story. My e-Bulletin subscribers have already had their say and now it’s your chance to vote for the cover you like.


      Cover A                                                                            Cover B



     Cover C                                                                              Cover D

The cover with the most votes will be revealed next week on the day of the launch!

Look forward to your suggestions.



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