Time for Introductions

In conjunction with the Olympian Gods series, I will be writing about the characters featured in my short stories and novels. I thought it was time for you to meet them. They’ve been at me for a little exposure, actually some would call it badgering. I agreed to write about them so they would stop harassing me.


I have lived with these characters for a while now, particularly those in my Eternal Quest series, have been with me for about ten years. I probably know them better than myself! The characters from my novels have seen both the worst and best of me and still they hang around, telling me what they want and what I should write. Sometimes that can get annoying, especially when I have a scene to write and protest loudly when they don’t like it. Generally, they’re well behaved but some days they can be stubborn. Though I do have to admit, when I have bad days or moments, they rally around and provide comfort. Please don’t tell them that, they have big enough egos as it is.

The characters chose their names and over time their personalities emerged. It took a while for them to trust me and when they realised my intentions were honourable, little by little they showed a bit of themselves. Some were harder to get to know, especially Hera, but then again she is not the easiest of gods to like. Eventually she opened up and together we wrote A Goddess’ Curse.

I will be starting the series with characters from my short stories. Wait just a minute please, there’s screaming and shouting going on in the background.

Thank you for your patience. I had to mollify the Eternal Quest characters and explain why the others are going first. You’d think I had edited them out of the stories. Though if they keep this up I just might! Anyway, (I’m ignoring them, they’re still carrying on. Sheesh) I’ll be introducing Phaedra from Aphrodite’s Curse in my next post in this series. Though she revealed quite a bit of herself in the story, there are some interesting aspects she left out, even to me. Like you, I will be eager to learn more about her.

See you in a few posts.


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  1. juliehhicks

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who deals with occasionally ornery characters (though I would think the Olympian Gods may be a bit harder to tame!) 🙂


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