New Story and Cover Choices

Well, April has come and gone. I must have blinked, four months of 2013 down, eight to go. Eek! Forgive me, need to compose myself.

Now to the real reason behind this post. In three weeks time I will be publishing a new short story called Boxed in a Curse. I have three book covers to choose from. As always, your input is valuable and would like you to vote. The winning cover will be revealed on the day of publication.

Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite.


She was created by the gods. A gift to humanity. Then there was the urn.

Pandora, the first woman on earth, was endowed with many gifts: beauty, intelligence, domesticity, lover, sympathiser, nurturer and curiosity. Then Zeus presents an urn. It would be her wedding dowry. Neither she nor her husband, Epimethos knew what contained inside, warned by Hermes the Messenger, never to open it.

So the story goes… according to Grandpa.

Book Cover 1
Book Cover 1
Book Cover 2
Book Cover 2
Book Cover 3
Book Cover 3

I look forward to your comments.



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  1. juliehhicks

    I voted, but not sure if you should count mine here since I actually voted earlier by email (just don’t want to give #3 an unfair advantage with an accidental double vote). 🙂


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