Book Launch 23 May 2013

Pandora by Pierre Loison 1910-1912 Louvre Museum
by Pierre Loison
Louvre Museum

The day is fast approaching for the launch of Boxed in a Curse, the fourth short story in the Accursed Women series. The book cover will be revealed in nine days, so if you haven’t as yet voted for your favourite cover you have until the end of this week to have your say. This would have to be the closest of margins for the selection of book covers.

As mentioned in the post New Story and Cover Choices, the story is about Pandora, the first woman created by the gods. Hesiod briefly mentions her in his Works and Days, (boy did he have a problem with women!) allowing other ancient historians/playwrights take up the story and embellish it further. I think she was hard done by. If someone gives you a present aren’t you inclined to open it? Or is that just me… and Pandora?

In the story Boxed in a Curse, I hope to play tribute to Pandora and put into perspective of the events which led to her opening the urn.

Please write down the date: 23 May 2013 and hope to see you on the day of the launch.

As always, I look forward to your comments.


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  1. jmmcdowell

    I’m not sure it’s much of a gift if we’re not supposed to open it! And, of course, it’s always a woman who’s “responsible” for the world’s troubles, isn’t it? I think it’s well past time that we got past these old, outmoded, and inaccurate ideas. 😉


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