Pandora is out of the Box!

The day has arrived and Boxed in a Curse is out, out, OUT.

Pandora has once again opened the proverbial box (really an urn) and now is in the ethers of digital space.

I hope she finds a good home to settle and entertain.


She was created by the gods as a gift to humanity. Then there was the urn.

Pandora, the first woman on Earth, was endowed with many gifts: beauty, intelligence, domesticity, and curiosity. She was at once lover, sympathiser and nurturer. Zeus presented an urn as her wedding dowry. Neither she nor her husband, Epimethos knew what it contained inside, and Hermes, the Messenger, warned them never to open it.

So the story goes… according to Grandpa.

Two precocious children visit their grandfather and beg him to tell a story. It wasn’t ‘on a dark and stormy night’ or ‘once upon a time’ type of story either.

Now for the cover

It was close and this cover won by the narrowest of margins.

Thank you to everyone who voted.

Book Cover 1
Book Cover 1

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