Book Launch Competition

Exclusive to Eternal Atlantis followers

Mythos Publications is launching

Accursed Women – A Collection of Short Stories

on the 30th November 2013

As a thank you to my wonderful followers, you can enter a competition to win a first edition of Accursed Women before the 30th November.

Just answer the question and enter your email address by the 7th November.

The winner will be notified via email and announced on Eternal Atlantis blog.

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Did I mention there are two copies available to win?


Five stories, five women, five legends.

Phaedra, a Minoan princess, marries out of duty and to safeguard her precious home. She falls in love with Hippolytos, her husband’s son and asks the Goddess Aphrodite for help. He spurns her affections.

The Trojan War, one of history’s greatest stories ever told. What if the legend as told is wrong? History is told by the victors, and facts changed to twist the truth. Is it possible Helen of Sparta never went to Troy?

Hera, Queen of the Gods, is the most powerful goddess on Mount Olympos. For the first time ever in a candid interview, Hera shares what it’s like to be a goddess and wife to Zeus, the King of the Gods.

Created by the gods as a gift to humanity, Pandora is the first woman on Earth. Did she know what Zeus intended when he presented an urn as a wedding dowry to her husband? Neither she nor Epimetheus knew what it contained, but they were told never to open it.

All Medousa wanted was a life of love and acceptance but one fateful night it changed. While she’s alone in the Temple of Athene tending to the sacred fire, Poseidon pays a visit. No human can stop an immortal from taking what they want.

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  1. Carrie Slager

    Hey Luciana, you didn’t put the space to actually answer the question! 🙂 Oh well, I’ll say it here: 5. I’ve read all four of the five but I would love a copy to call my own.


  2. anaatcalin

    Dear Luciana, I’m one for instant gratification. 🙂 Just went over to amazon and bought the book for my kindle, I’m looking forward to reading it tonight!


    • cav12

      Well, it is one of the stories in the collection. I do apologise for the confusion Ana, though I hope you enjoy the story anyway. Accursed Women will go live on the 30 November in conjunction with the book launch.
      Luciana x


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