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DSC02151Today is Blog Tour Day. This blog tour is where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process and I am happy to be a part of this cross promotion. My friend Jay Scott posted his last week. You can check out his writing process here: Jay Scott 

On with the questions…

What am I working on?
At present, I am focussing on reworking my epic novel The Legacy, the first book in a trilogy. If everything goes according to schedule (I can hear you snickering), I plan to publish it October 2014. I also have a few ideas for another short story collection in a similar vein as Accursed Women, which is due out very soon! 30th November.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
In the case of the short story collection Accursed Women I wanted to tell the story from the point of view of the women and give their version of events. In essence, I took the mythologies and gave them a new plausible twist. With regards to the trilogy Eternal Quest, I was inspired by Homer’s Iliad and how the gods played an integral part in the story. As in Homer’s tale, the gods in Eternal Quest manipulate and try to change the outcome of their situation using mortals to carry out their directives.

Why do I write what I do?
I have always read Fantasy and still do, but after reading about Atlantis it propelled me into wanting to know more about the story. It soon evolved into reading Greek Mythology and subsequently ancient history. I am not a historian nor an expert in ancient history, it was a subject I wanted to learn more about in my own time and way. So I did. It was reading Homer’s epics which inspired me to write, weaving mythology with historical nuances.

How does your writing process work?
When I have an idea for a story, I first brainstorm characters, plot and setting, then I put it away for a few days and let the brain stew over it. Afterwards I set the ideas out into scenes, generally dot points. I try not to make it too detailed and tend to use the points as a guide in the storyline. The scenes are not chapters. Some scenes will have 1, 2, 3 or 4 chapters others will have more and some even less. It depends on where the characters take me. They do dictate a lot of the direction of the story and if they don’t like what I’m writing, they can be very stubborn and refuse to participate!

The type of stories I write require research, lots of research. If there is a place or event, even clothing of the period, I will spend time researching and reading. I want to make the reader feel as if they are there with the characters, in that time and place and it’s important for me to include relevant details. Though I may play around with the timeline, a little bit. ;D

I try to aim and write about 500 words a day, some days writing is harder than others and when I have those sorts of days, I spend time researching. Each of the short stories in Accursed Women took about four weeks to write. Morning is the best time for me to write, mind is fresher and generally more productive. I leave editing to the end, go through the manuscript, make changes, put it away for a few weeks and start on a new story. I’ll edit it a few more times before I give to my beta readers.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post. You can check out the writing processes of my wonderful and talented friends Ana Calin, Jackson Arthur and Adam Haviaras, 11 November.

As always, I look forward to your comments.


Ana Calin—Ana Calin was born in 1984 in Constanta, Romania. Avid for fairy tales and stories as a child, her mother taught her to read at the age of four and, discovering the girl’s love for foreign languages, hired an English teacher when Ana was eight. By the age of ten she had read Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations in the original language. Ana studied English and German Language and Literature in high school and later on in university.
In 2006 she received a scholarship for one year in Bielefeld, Germany, and met her husband, also Romanian, upon her return to her hometown in 2007. Following her wedding in 2009 she returned to Germany with her husband and has been working ever since as a translator and interpreter of English, German and Romanian.
Her area of expertise covers not only fiction but also psychology and science, which inspires her writing and allowed her to craft her first novel, The Blacksmith, as grounded fantasy relying on concepts that are feasible at least in theory. She currently lives in Berlin.

Jackson Arthur–Jackson Arthur writes Science Fiction stories set in the current world or in the near future. Most of his books are set perhaps 50 to 250 years from the present day in the fictional universe of the Alliance of North American States, known as ANAS.  Each novel and novelette in the series examines an important event in the rise and fall of this fictional alliance.  In this sense the books are literally portals into the fictional world.

Adam Haviaras–Adam Alexander Haviaras is an author and publisher of historical fiction/fantasy set in the ancient world. He has studied ancient and medieval history and archaeology in Canada and the United Kingdom and is the founder of Eagles and Dragons Publishing. Adam blogs weekly on his website, Writing the Past, about ancient and medieval history and historical fiction.


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  1. rosarymcquestion

    First let me say…beautiful photo of you!

    I know what you mean about characters dictating direction of the story. With the book I am currently working on, I tried to make one of my character’s a cop, but she dug her feet in and wouldn’t budge until I made her a journalist.

    Great to hear you’re working on your novel, The Legacy! Just wondering what your thoughts are on a timeline for releasing the 2nd and 3rd book in the trilogy. Also, do you think it’s wise to have all three books finished by the time the first book is released?

    With books that are part of a series, I have seen authors release them sometimes 2 to 4 months apart.


    • cav12

      Thank you, though not a fan of placing pictures of myself anywhere!!

      I do think characters dictate what they want to do and how they should be portrayed. Like you, I give in and go their way and for some reason they get it right!

      Book 2 is completed but to match the changes of The Legacy, it will also undergo a revamp and Book 3 is half completed. If all goes to plan, I hope to publish the 2nd and 3rd book within 4-6 months of each other. It wasn’t my plan to publish the trilogy with each book completed but now, it is something I am considering. Just read an article about Indie Writers needing to get more works out there, so that’s what I will do. I have short story concepts to work on and publish.

      As you know, life does play a big part and sometimes the schedule may need to be revised. I am going to try and stick to the publishing date I’ve mentioned but as with Accursed Women release, I pushed the date to later than I had planned.

      Thanks Rosary.


  2. anaatcalin

    Beautiful photo and very interesting post! It got me thinking… so much I’d love to talk about in a round of authors, in a study cluttered with leather backed books and fresh coffee… I prefer the morning hours for writing too, but mostly, if I start the day writing I won’t be doing anything else during that particular day so I try to save it for the evening. But more on that next week. I really like how this post emphasizes how complex and elaborate the writing process is for an author and how we strive to give the reader the best experience we can.
    Having read some of your work, dear Luciana, I’d like to use this chance and congratulate you once more, your work really achieves its purpose – a wonderful reader experience!


    • cav12

      I love the image you described about authors talking in a study surrounded by books and coffee. That would be nice 😀

      Thank you for the compliments Ana. I try to include as much authenticity for readers, after all its what I enjoy when reading.

      I am looking forward to reading your post! I have a feeling it will be fascinating 😀
      Thank you Ana


    • cav12

      Homer was and still is a great source of inspiration for me. Every year I will re-read the Iliad and Odyssey. He certainly stirred the literary ‘pot’ for me ;D
      Thanks Adam. I am looking forward to reading your post. Very curious about what your writing process is and influences are.


  3. jmmcdowell

    I’m another writer who ignores her characters’ wishes at her own risk! They can make life difficult for us, can’t they? Best wishes for your revisions on The Legacy!


    • cav12

      They can a nuisance of themselves that’s for sure! They keep at you until you make those changes.
      Thank you and hope your revisions go well. 😀


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