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There is something I must admit, I enjoy technology and do like to play with the latest cool toys out there (I think there is a geek lurking inside me). I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet and have purchased many stories from fellow indie writers. While I enjoy reading the wonderful stories on the tablet, there is something to be said about holding and reading a physical book.


Egyptian book of the deadA few weekends back, a wet and woolly one despite the fact is supposed to be spring, my sister and I went to an independent bookstore, Crow Books. Not many around but this one is great and holds titles you don’t usually see in a franchise bookstore, Kmart, Big W or supermarkets. It was nice to browse around, pick up books, read the blurbs and move onto the next one that catches your interest. I know I should be plugging eBooks, heck four of my short stories are published for eReaders! Needless to say, I love print version of books.

I purchased The Egyptian Book of the Dead and Tom Holland’s Rubicon. Both of which I am looking forward to read plus the other dozen or so I have sitting on my bookshelf. Ancient rubicon-the-triumph-and-tragedy-of-the-roman-republicEgypt has always fascinated me and one day would love to go to Egypt. Recently our museum had a number of artefacts, mummies and sarcophagi’s, borrowed from the British Museum, called the Afterlife exhibition. It was quite fun too. We were given a card each with information on a person or god and while you walked around you matched up your card with what was on display. At the end we had to weigh our hearts. Good news, my heart passed the test.

I do wonder if books will withstand the onslaught of technology, and one day cease to exist. I hope that doesn’t happen, I think it’s important for future generations to at least have the opportunity to go into a bookstore, browse and purchase books. That is an experience you cannot get with eBooks. I know they are convenient especially if you go on holidays or commute to work. Lugging books in your suitcase can get tiresome, also you want space to hold your purchases and for that reason eReaders are great. You can carry a library in your hand luggage and with one click or two, you’re reading.


What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to read eBooks or a hard copy?

Just a little exciting news to share with you, I am about to release the short stories as a collection in paperback. I have proofs sitting on my desk. What an awesome feeling it is to hold MY book.

Thanks for visiting and reading.
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12 thoughts on “Latest Purchases

  1. I don’t have a tablet, but I do have Kindle PC, the free app from Amazon. Although I love having all those books at my fingertips, my love for owning physical books will never cease. I do my writing in the room I call my library, with shelves of books. For me, there is no replacement for the excitement I get when holding a book and the thrill of walking out of the bookstore with an arm full of books. Like two days ago, when I purchased 7 books! I had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. It was great. 🙂


    • I love walking into a book store and wandering around, picking up a book, reading the blurb and discovering new authors. It is a great feeling.
      I’m with you Rosary, I love holding and reading a book 😀


    • So glad you got it. I do wonder whether the effectiveness of the postal system when the package has some distance to travel!
      Happy reading Christy 😀


  2. I am right with you in hoping that books with tangible, tunable pages survive the passage of time and technology. I don’t have anything against stories being more easily accessible and goodness knows it’s easier to carry ten books with you on a tablet or flash drive than trying to lug around the actual novels. That being said, there’s something almost nostalgic now about holding a real printed book in your hands these days. Or maybe I just lean more towards being old fashioned in that sense – I still like to write out outlines and snippets with pen and paper, which my husband thinks is absolutely insane (“you know, you DO have a computer you can type on…”). 🙂


    • If being old fashion means wanting to hold a book then I am with you Julie! I don’t want print books to fade from existence or become an endangered species! What a shame that would be for us all!
      Like you, I plan my stories by writing it out on paper, more tangible and real. Funny isn’t it. Though love typing the story on my computer. Take forever to write a novel length story!!
      Thanks Julie 😀


  3. I have a Kindle, and I do a good chunk of my reading on it these day. But I still enjoy paper books. Like you, I hope they’ll never disappear entirely. I don’t think I’d bet on that, though….


    • I really hope we still have books in print. I’d hate to see it completely disappear… much like many now extinct animals!
      Thank you as always for your thoughtful comments JM 😀


  4. Thank you, Luciana, for your beautiful book, “Accursed Women,” which I just received today. I, for one, would miss seeing published books disappear. There is something special about seeing a book cover and the feeling of the pages as you read. I look forward to reading your short stories. You’ve done a great job on the book cover!


    • So glad you received it. I wonder when a package has to travel some distance.

      I’d hate to see the end of printed books, they may become something of a lost form, though I hope not.

      Thank you, I love cover as well. Hope you enjoy the stories Linnea. 😀


  5. I’m neither here nor there on the issue. I have a nook, and love taking an entire bookshelf along when I travel, and I find it especially good for periodicals. Talk about saving trees! But I also enjoy reading a physical book; to me, it’s the content that matters. The only problem I see with ebooks is running out of memory in my device.


    • Content, as they say, ‘is king’ ;D

      Yes, that is a concern with ereaders is the memory space! I am sure they will come up with some new technology to deal with that!
      Thanks Mikels 😀


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