Greek Mythology Revisited by BBC

A subscriber of my e-Bulletin emailed me some months back to let me know about a new television series produced by BBC called Atlantis, based on Greek mythology. It follows the adventures of three friends Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras in the mythical city Atlantis. The stories blend a variety of Greek myths and though many are chronologically out of context, I must admit to enjoying the series.

Stills from TV series BBC One
Still from TV series

I didn’t know what to expect when I watched the first episode and admit not to finding out more about the series. Given the title of the show, I was under the impression the story would be about the legendary lost city. Wrong. The main character in the story is Jason, so I thought it may be about Jason and his journey with the Argonauts. Wrong again. When the other characters were introduced, mythical and historical icons, I was curious to learn how the writers adapted famous legends.

Jason and the Golden Fleece 1803 Sculptor - Bertel Thorvaldsen Wikipedia
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Sculptor – Bertel Thorvaldsen

Atlantis is the home of King Minos and his wife Pasiphae, who is the ‘wicked’ step-mother to Ariadne. There is no other mention of her siblings except for a brother in one episode. Jason is the long awaited hero who, according the oracle will set things on the right path. Heracles/Hercules is nothing like the strong man we are familiar with but is a drunkard and bumbling individual who owes money to many people. Pythagoras is a young mathematician who resides with Heracles and is the glue of the trio.

There is humour, romance, intrigue and mysticism and of course the heroes. Now if you don’t mind the mix-match references to the well-known mythologies then the series is worth watching. Light-hearted fun. There are well known actors whom you will recognise from the British film industry and newcomers.

I do hope they continue with the series. It’s nice to watch a series without having to think too hard and for pure enjoyment. It is unique and the storylines are original.

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  1. juliehhicks

    Oh, my husband introduced me to this show! The first one or two episodes, I had the same “oh, this is what it’s about…no, wait..” as you. I think my favorite character is Hercules – though it’s a bit odd to see the legendary strong hero shown as a such a lovable teddy bear of a man. 🙂


  2. Michelle Proulx

    That’s a cute sounding show! I do love Greek myths, regardless of whether or not they’re butchered horrendously. Hence why I’ll re-watch Disney’s Hercules over and over again even if it’s laughably inaccurate. I’ll definitely check this show out 😀


    • cav12

      I think I watched Hercules just the once. Cute cartoon. It is a mix-match of Greek myths but fun to watch. I just hope the series continues 😀
      Thanks Michelle.


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