Meet author Eric Alagan

I have been following Eric’s blog Written Words Never Die for 3 years now and each time I read his posts I learn something new. His flash fiction, words of wisdom and fiction is exceptional and if you haven’t read his works, I recommend you do.

Eric’s latest book Mechanic Leigh print version is now available at Amazon. To read the amazing reviews please go his blog post Mechanic Leigh Print Version on Amazon


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  1. Eric Alagan

    Thank you, Luciana,

    I truly appreciate you highlighting and posting about my book, Mechanic Leigh on your blog.

    As a small token of appreciation, I’ve posted a book image of your book Accursed Women on my blog’s sidebar with a link back to your blog. Hope that it sends some eyeballs your way 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂


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