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Some weeks ago, embarrassed to say how long, I was tagged by Theresa Snyder (@TheresaSnyder19). This is the first time I’ve been tagged for an interview and think this a great idea. I also want to thank Theresa for tagging me. To learn more about what Theresa writes, head on over to her blog. It’s a wonderful read.


Before I head into the questions, *grins* I will introduce you to a few favourite authors who I stalk follow on Twitter. If you enjoy “meeting” new people, do take a little time from your hectic schedules *grins* to say hi.

By tagging them, it will then become their chance to answer the same questions, as seen below, within their blog and to also become the tagger. With that said, please stay tuned to see if you have been tagged at the end.

Right, on to the questions we go.

When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?
I dabbled in writing in my teens and didn’t pursue it until 1998. It was the year I had a bad car accident and needed an outlet to release the demons that found a harbour in my overwrought mind.

I never intended to be a writer, I wanted to be a sculptor. I loved working with clay and creating pieces of art. My mum still has the sculptures I did while in high school; landscape scenes that epitomised Australia. I wonder where she’s put them? Note to self: look for them next time I visit mum and dad. *grins*

What genre do you write?
I currently write in historical fiction and fantasy, with adventure and pace. I also write thrillers, suspense stories with a bit of humour. Think Maxwell Smart with all his gadgets.

Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress? When did you start working on this project?
I am working on two manuscripts at present. One is the second book in the Servant of the Gods series. It has been a topsy-turvy year and had hoped to near completion by now but making good progress. The second WIP is a new novella series, a thriller/espionage/humour of which I have completed the first book and about to start book two.

What was your first piece that you can remember writing? What was it about?
I remember writing a short story for an English assignment. We had read The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier and our teacher wanted us to write a story with unpleasant ending. It was the first time I got an A for an English task.

What’s the best part about writing?
Everything. I love creating characters who take on a personality of their own. I enjoy the freedom of journeying to worlds and situations my characters take me on.

What’s the worst part about writing?
Sitting for long hours and the lack of exercise. I force myself to get up and move around and I go out for walks in the morning.

What’s the name of your favourite character and why?
I don’t have a favourite character, and it’s not fair to choose. Each of my characters, including their flaws and boy do they have them, are special. I treat them all the same, well perhaps depending on how they are behaving, then they have to sit in a corner and think about their actions.

How much time a day/week do you get to write? When is the best time for you to write (morning or night)?
I don’t get to write as much as I like and with going to work early and finishing late, I don’t have much energy left. When I am home, I write in the morning; I find this time of the day is when I write best.

Did you go to college for writing?
Nope. Though I did attend a number of writing courses offered by UWA, mainly on weekends or during the school holidays.

What bothers you more: spelling errors, punctuation errors, or grammar errors?
All of the above. I use four beta readers, two editors to read my work and even then you’ll come across a mistake. I try and make it as error free as possible for a better read.

What is the best writing advice that anyone has given you?
Get a professional editor and cover designer for your work and write the best book you can.

What advice would you give to another writer?
Write, re-write, draft, and polish until you see your reflection. Find a network of beta readers and get feedback from them. Then find a good editor/proofreader who will fine tune your ms.

What are your favourite writing sites or blogs that you turn to for help, tips, or encouragement?
I subscribe the Author Alliance for news on the writing industry and follow a few blogs on writing tips. My favourite sites tend to be those on ancient history.

Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies?
I enjoy working in the garden and I love taking photos, which is when I remember to bring my camera with me! I am trying to read more; I used to read a lot but of late finding it difficult to find the time. I read both indie and traditional authors.

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
I enjoyed reading Laws of Nine by Terry Goodkind. A fantasy set in the present world. It was fast paced mystery, with characters popping in from a world with magic to one with no magic. Different to the usual fantasy stories I’ve read. Definitely worth reading.

What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?
The man from U.N.C.L.E. I enjoyed the humour and the characters. And the two male leads were also very nice *wink* to watch.

What is your favourite book or series of all time?
Unfair question, I have quite a few. One that I tend to recommend is The Poet by Michael Connelly, it introduced me to his books, all of which I have. As to series, there’s the Troy Game by Sarah Douglass and Troy by David Gemmell. Both historical but the Troy Game is a bit of time travel book as each character is reborn into a new era.

Who is your favourite author?
Really??? Right, I’ll pick the top 5: the three authors mentioned above plus Massimo Valerio Manfredi and Steven Pressfield.

What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of your writing?
The aim is to get as much of Book 2 in the Servant of the Gods completed so I can work on the re-write and make a start on the second book in the novella series. If all goes to plan, then I hope to get the ms to my beta readers for the first round of reviews. Of course this is in between birthdays, Christmas and birthdays.

Where else can we find you online?

You can connect with me at any of the following:






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