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Today I am posting something a little different from the usual articles.

As loyal followers of my blog, I want to share an exclusive preview with you for my book Search for the Golden Serpent. This is the first of a three part series.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to your comments on my book trailer.

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  1. rosarymcquestion


    The great visuals and dynamic music adds lots of intrigue and suggests a book filled with action and perilous adventure which portrays the story perfectly. Excellent job on the video!

    If this is going to appear on YouTube or someplace where you can list pertinent information like your name, where the book can be purchased, or any contact information or social media information under the video then it’s fine. But if you are going use it elsewhere as a standalone you might consider adding your name and a couple links to the end of the video. There is a good 8 or 9 seconds at the end when the music continues to play and the screen is black where information could be added.

    Also, I find it quite remarkable that the sketch of Evan is almost exactly how I had pictured him in my mind when I was reading the book!

    Best of luck with your entire series! Please let me know when Part 2 comes out so I can purchase my copy and continue on the exciting adventure of Search for the Golden Serpent.

    Rosary 🙂

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    • Linnea Tanner

      Hi Luciana,

      The music and visuals are dramatic,giving the story an epic feel to it. I agree with Rosary that you need to give information on where to purchase the book and highlight yourself as the author. Another tidbit you might want to consider is to highlight time travel and directly tie the magical (or mystical) golden serpent to saving the gods. For example, It takes a modern day hero to travel to the past and lead an odyssey to find the magical golden serpent that could save the gods.

      Overall, this trailer grabbed my attention and was about the right length. Good luck on launching this!


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      • cav12

        Hi Linnea,
        Thank you very much.
        I will definitely use what you have suggested. Love the sentence about the modern day hero travelling to the past.
        I really appreciate your helpful comments and feedback.


    • cav12

      Ciao Bella,
      Mille grazie 😀
      Details as to where people can purchase the book is very important and thank you and Linnea reminding me that I need to add that last slide. I will amend and post it out.
      Funny about the image I chose for Evan. I was surfing the copyright free pictures and came across this photo. I also thought this is what Evan may look like. Great minds 😀
      I will let you know when book 2 is out that is a definite!
      Luciana xxx

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  2. Christy B

    The trailer looks wonderful for the first part of the series, Luciana! I like the music and how the images flash across the screen in the trailer. Well done, my friend, and I’m wishing you much success with the project!

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