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It has been a while since I’ve written one of these, and it’s been two years since the publication of Search for the Golden Serpent. This is the reason why I started a blog, to showcase my writing, share my passion for ancient history and to support fellow indie writers. So today, I am going to let you know what I’ve been writing, or rather struggling to write, as in finding time!

Pencil this date into your diaries
1st October 2017

Why a pencil? This is a tentative date for the upcoming launch of book 2, The Labyrinthine Journey in the series, Servant of the Gods.

Why tentative? There are a few reasons:
     1. The editing process and whether it will get done it time, especially with the to-ing and fro-ing to the editor.
     2. Time is the biggest one. Now that I am back teaching full-time (so I can pay for the editing, cover design, home living expenses, etc.) it has been difficult to schedule everything; however, I am working on it.

I attended a two-day workshop during the school break on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was very good and I got a lot workable tips, some of which I have started to use. It does require discipline and setting aside at least 10 minutes once a week to schedule what needs to be done in that week. I was working along those lines, but wasn’t consistent and nor was I scheduling everything. It was very broad and not goal orientated. I will let you know how I get on with this new strategy.

Now as this is a writing update, here is what I am working on. I’ve completed the first book in a novella series, titled The Guardian’s Legacy. A grandfather gives his grandson a family heirloom that has unique properties. I had written a short story for an anthology that was published about a year ago and the idea came from a Greek coin. I liked the story so much that I developed it into a novella series. I’ve also been querying agents and so far, no bites, though to be fair I did get replies from some. A few mentioned I may have difficulty in finding representation as publishers are looking for full-length novels. I think that is a shame and a bit short sighted.

The book The Labyrinthine Journey has had run with my beta readers (if you would like to join my team of beta readers for future books, contact me at authorluciana [at] outlook [dot] com, and I will send you information on the process). I’ve had positive feedback, plus constructive comments to help streamline the story. I am so very grateful to them for their support and wealth of knowledge. With regards to the final book in the trilogy, Servant of the Gods, I have begun writing it. One of my beta readers suggested I needed to get it done as quick as possible, as she wanted to find out how the series ends. I do have the ending for Book 3, so that is a good sign.

If there are any changes to the pending release date of The Labyrinthine Journey, I will post the details here.

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Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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  1. Lee

    That’s exciting Luciana. I am so please you found the Covey course helpful. I know it has helped me a lot and not just with organizing my time.

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  2. rosarymcquestion


    I hope your newly learned organizational skills help with the juggling of all your projects. Especially so when it comes to finishing book 2 of Servant of the Gods. Can’t wait to continue along with Evan on his journey.


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    • cav12

      Ciao Bella,
      So do I! It has been challenge, but I am determined to keep at it.
      Book 2 is now with the editor 🙂 At this stage, 1st October is still a go.
      xxx Luciana

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  3. Christy B

    The potential of October 1st abounds! I’m pleased to hear that although you are busy back teaching you maintain your love of writing ~ I had hoped that would happen but distractions come so easily, I know that from first-hand experience! I look forward to reading the next book xx

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    • cav12

      Thank you, Christy. There are plenty of distractions, and this past week was a doozy. The hardest part is balancing work, writing and time for family and friends. There just isn’t enough time in a day or a week!! xx

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