Are you able to help me?

Hi wonderful readers and supporters of my blog,

I am reaching out for help and support in the promotion of my upcoming book launch. A number of weeks back, I wrote a blog post about the publication of my book The Labyrinthine Journey, book 2 in the Servant of the Gods series.

As you may know, indie publishing is great but it is hard, and with the multitudes of books published, it takes a team of people to get the word out there.  So, I am asking for help; help promote my newest book and spread the word to as many people as possible.

I have created a questionnaire with only three questions; it will take less than a minute to complete. If you are able and can spare the time to assist in launching my book, I’d be not only very delighted but grateful as well.

You will not be required to do too much, as most of the work will be done for you.

Click here to access the questionnaire.

Thank you in advance.


PS: If you know of others who may be interested in helping, please share the post.


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  1. Linnea Tanner

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    Below is a reblog of Eternal Atlantis by Luciana Cavallaro, Author of Historical Fiction/ Fantasy, who I am supporting in the launch of the Labyrinthine Journey, book 2 in the Servant of the Gods series. I thoroughly enjoyed her first book, Search for the Golden Serpent, about the modern day hero and time traveler Evan who is whisked back to Ancient times. Luciana is a talented author which I encourage you to support the launch of her next epic book.

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