The Legend of Homer – A special guest post by author Luciana Cavallaro

Recently, I was invited by Adam Haviaras to be a guest blogger on his website Eagles and Dragons Publishing. I must admit, it didn’t take very long to decide on what to write. I couldn’t go past Homer and his Iliad.  Do hop on over and read my thoughts on why I believe Homer’s story is based on truth.

I’ve been a follower of Adam’s blog for some years now and we’ve also connected over our common passion for ancient history and mythology. I have read his books and he has a new box set coming out, which will be added to my collection. You can pre-order the trilogy for 99cents, just go here.

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Follow Evan as he continues his odyssey as Servant of the Gods in The Labyrinthine Journey. The quest to locate the sacred object adds pressure to the uneasy alliance between Evan and the Atlanteans. His inability to accept the world he’s in, and his constant battle with Zeus, both threaten to derail the expedition and his life.

Will Evan and his friends succeed in their quest to find the relics and stop the advent of Christianity?

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  1. rosarymcquestion

    I didn’t know that Homer is a pronoun for “bard”. Interesting.

    When you brought up the comparison between the two tales and how different the writing style was, it brought to mind that I have experienced that same distinction in writing from current, popular authors. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is one of my favorite books. Love the writing style as well as the storyline. However, I then purchased an older book of hers, Dark Places. The writing styles between the two books are so different it was hard to believe the same author wrote both of them. I could barely get through to the end of DP because I so disliked the writing. I’ve read Amazon reviews on this very subject about other authors, as well. Therefore, why can’t the same be said for Homer’s writing?

    As you mentioned, an author’s experience grows and changes as they write more stories. I agree.

    On a different subject…I was very lucky to have won an e-copy of The Labyrinthine Journey but I also want to help boost your sales so I pre-ordered a copy for my kindle. Can’t wait for the release!


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    • cav12

      Ciao Bella,
      It is an interesting concept, not sure I agree but they seem to believe the pronoun was synonymous with travelling bards of the time.

      I’d like to investigate more into the theory of whether Homer orated both the Iliad and Odyssey, and that they are very different. Somehow, though I feel they are his works. Writers improve with each story they write, and why not storytellers like Homer? Reviews are very subjective, and a reader’s experience varies from one to the other depending on what they were expecting. Can’t change that!

      Thank you for buying a copy of my book! I am so glad you won a copy too 😀

      Luciana xxx

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