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Just as a heads up, a new file has been uploaded onto Amazon of the eBook The Labyrinthine Journey.

If you have ordered a copy of the eBook, you should receive notification from Amazon letting you know about the update.
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  1. Linnea Tanner

    Hi Luciana,

    Good news! I was finally able to download the updated version of your book on all my devices (iphones and 2 kindles). I enjoyed your Facebook virtual book launch. It is a tribute to you for keeping everything running smoothly for 24 hours without sleep. Congratulations again on the release of your newest book.

    So you are aware, the notice of the update was sent to my Amazon account under digital orders where I had to find your book and click on manage your content and devices. From there, I was taken to a list where the notice of the update was highlighted to the right of your book. I clicked update the e-book. Even then, I had to remove my older version on the devices and reload the updated version.

    This was quite an eye-opener for me as I assumed e-books automatically update for anyone who purchased the previous version. Perhaps, the complication is I have three devices where I upload my e-books and they all sync where I leave off. Also, where applicable, audiobooks sync to my e-books. But I am also technically challenged and may not have my settings set right.

    Hope you have recovered from your celebration!. Take care, my friend.


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    • cav12

      Hi Linnea,

      Thank you for letting me know! So glad and relieved you received notification from Amazon. I have to admit, like you, I thought the process would be automatic, how files and devices sync when you sign it to apps. Goes to show, never assume anything!!

      Thank you for being a part of the VBL 😀 It was fun and somewhat recovered now LOL. Back to work on Monday. Not really looking forward to that!!

      Best wishes my friend.

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