A survey and a chance to win an eBook

Today, I’d like your input into what books you read. I have created a survey to learn more about reading interests, in particular whether you read independent authors or traditional authors or both. It will take no more than two minutes to complete.

When I select a book, I follow two principles:

  1. The book cover
  2. The blurb

I also select books based on whether I’ve  previously read the author books. Most people would use the above criteria in choosing books, but may purchase a book based on another reader’s recommendation.

I read a lot of historical fiction, thrillers/conspiracy stories, crime stories, humour, fantasy, science fiction, true crime, autobiographies/biographies, dystopian, paranormal stories and the occasional romance story (it has to be interesting for me to pick up a romance book, no Mills and Boon here please).

So in light of my rambling, three lucky winners will receive a copy of my eBook The Labyrinthine Journey. All you need to do is complete the survey below and your email address will be entered on the Random Name Picker web based platform.

What genres do you read? I look forward to learning more about what you read, and thank you for participating in my survey.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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