Survey results and winners

Results from Tradition vs Indie survey.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. It was a fun to see the results and the answers. I daresay a few of you will be surprised by a few of the answers. I was heartened by the responses and I hope some of you may go and look at the independent authors listed in survey and others of course.Quotefancy-4048-3840x2160

Qu. 1: Authors known of or read

  • 94% had heard or read J.K. Rowling – an obvious selection but I was curious to learn who did or didn’t know of this author.
  • 85% goes to James Patterson
  • 79% goes to Beatrix Potter

Qu. 2: How many are independently published authors

  • 64% answered 4
  • 15% answered 6
  • 15% answered 8

The correct answer is 6. They are:

  • Beatrix Potter – was signed with a publishing company years after Peter Rabbit became popular
  • E.L. James – now signed with a publishing company
  • Amanda Hocking – signed with a publishing company
  • Nick Stephenson
  • Hugh Howey – signed with a publishing company
  • Darcie Chan

Qu. 3: Historical fiction authors heard of or read

  • 38% knew of Margaret George
  • 33% Robert Harris – one of my favourite authors
  • 30% David Gemmell

Qu. 4: How many are independently published

  • 38% thought 2
  • 30% thought 5
  • 18% thought 7

The correct answer is 5. They are:

  • Linnea Tanner
  • Theresa Tomlinson
  • Jacqui Murray
  • Lisa Constantio
  • Julian David Stone

Qu. 5: Do you read trad or indie authors?

  • 94% both
  • 6% Trad
  • 0% Indie

Qu. 6: When choosing a book, is it important the author is traditionally published?
On a scale from 1 to 10, the average rating was 3.2.

  • 41% rated it as 1, not important
  • 18% rated it as 4
  • 15% rated it 5

Qu. 7: Can independent authors write as well as traditional published authors?

  • 94% said Yes
  • 6% said No

For those who wish to see the full statistics, here is the link: Trad vs Indie

Now to the winners!

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I will be emailing you in the next 24 hours with your prize

Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

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  1. kritsayvonne

    Thank you so much for conducting the survey and for selecting me as a winner. I have tried to email you, but for some reason I keep getting the message ‘undeliverable’. Anyway, I am very pleased to have Labyrinthine Ways and shall keep it to read on my next flight to Crete. Very best wishes, Yvonne x

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