All aboard! Ship leaving port…

This is the final leg of the journey Evan and his intrepid adventurers embark on. The images I have chosen for this short PPT wasn’t easy. I have amassed some amazing photos, paintings, and maps over the number of years to help me write the Search for the Golden Serpent. The ones I have selected have been inspirational, helping me visualise what the locations must have been like at the time, and the first image was used for my book launch in 2015.

Megaron at Pylos

I hope you have enjoyed my sojourn into the visual elements of my writing, and it has been fun to put these slides together. I’ve also enjoyed searching for music that would work with the images and the story.

Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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    • cav12

      You know, I never even considered that. I wanted to share the images that helped me write and be more authentic with the descriptions.
      Thanks, Jacqui. 😀 and for the RT.


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