Perth from above

To continue the theme of photos, I have created a short video on my home city of Perth, and considered as the most remote city in the world.

A little history of Perth, founded in 1829 as a penal colony, by Captain James Stirling. (My primary school teacher would be proud I remembered) Many of the colonists settled in Fremantle and along the Swan River, which you’ll see in the video and divides the southern and northern part of Perth. I often joke you need a passport to cross over the Narrows Bridge that connects the city. I have written about Perth in a previous post, click here to read.

I took these photos while in a small air-plane. It was quite the experience, very different to going on the larger airlines. The noise is deafening. I never realised how loud it was with the engines right next to you! It was great fun and highly recommend if you haven’t flown in small plane. The digital camera I used was a Fuji, nothing like the one I used for the Kalbarri photos, but they turned out okay. FYI, I took these photos about 10 years ago and Perth CBD and outlying areas has grown since.

You will also the see a few photos of blue water, which is the Indian Ocean and in one photo you may spot Rottnest Island where you will find the quokka.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

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