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I thought it was time to try something a little different and ask for beta readers for my novella series. I had a dear writer friend read it for me years ago and I put it aside to focus on my Servant of the Gods series. I’ve since finished the draft for the third book in the series and decided to review the novella. Suffice to say, my writing style has changed over the last number of years and I’ve rewritten scenes.

I am looking for six beta readers to be a part of my team. 

The title of the novella is The guardian’s legacy, Book 1 of The Coin of Time series. Both the title and series can be changed depending on suggestions from beta readers.

The novella is a contemporary time-slip/thriller story, about a family heirloom with unusual properties. It once belonged to Herakles, coveted by Hitler and now a high school teacher must protect it from the rise of Neo-Nazis.

If you are interested in being a beta reader, please complete the form below. More information to be sent to those who sign up.


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  1. Jacqui Murray

    I will happily be an early reader of this novella but I’m a failure as a beta reader. I really don’t catch much. I just hired an amazing editor (grammar and spelling sort of editor) for my book and I feel like a weight is off of me, like I have a knowledgeable friend supporting me. I’ve had editors for earlier book but this woman is such a cut above.

    This is my roundabout way of say I really am aware of my beta reading shortfalls! Good luck and I’m sure you’ll find great ones!

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      • Jacqui Murray

        Yay! My editor is just about done with my book. She says out of six times I used lie/lay (that construct), I had five wrong. Then there’s lose/loose (I’m sure I know that difference), grey/gray, and onward. I will be busy soon!

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      • cav12

        It is amazing what the editors pick up, even if you have been through the manuscript countless times! Busy times ahead indeed 😀


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