Goals update for February

Here’s my update for February. Can’t say I’m impressed with myself this past month.

Personal Goals

  • Home and work balance        
    • The school year didn’t start well, our first week back was a lockdown and been catching up since. I have tried to come home early on the days it’s not mandated to stay behind for meetings or when I have co-curricular activity. So far, I have not met my goal to balance home and work life.
  • Fitness
    • February was a bust.  A total of 12 days of exercise for the month and there are only 28 days!!
  • Photography
    • Failed. ☹
  • Food and wine
    • This is actually working, go figure. Eating well and healthy food, and wine intake is down to 3 nights a week.

Professional Goals

  • Teaching
    • So… I caved. I am now coaching Volleyball, which means games after school once a week. I also coordinate a Creative Writing Club, one night a week. Mondays, we have teacher/department meetings after school. That’s three late nights a week.
  • Writing
    • I am still editing Book 3 in the Servant of the Gods series, taking a little bit longer as I’ve introduced an extra process and I am re-writing sentences. I had my sister read the first two chapters after the editing as she had read the first draft. Before she read the revised chapters, she suggested to ditch the ms and start afresh. I almost agreed, then she read the chapters and said they were better. The hidden message: more editing required.

I am still reading the Serenity Prayer every morning, it has been helping, though the past week it has been a messy one at work.

Two months in and what have I learned? Nothing ever goes to plan, that’s life for you. My aim is to hit those targets and incorporate some marketing for my books. I’m not very good at that, and seem to miss hitting the right audience. Still a lot to learn.

If you have set goals for this year, how are you going with them? What scale do you use to evaluate success or to achieving them? Do you reassess and change your goals accordingly?

Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.

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  1. Jacqui Murray

    I think you know I teach online grad school classes, so my students are teachers–like you! We meet online virtually once a week to chat, share, support. The overarching theme is their frustration with trying to teach under impossible circumstances. I’m pretty upbeat and positive as a general rule but I am sad to see so many excellent teachers caring so much for their students’ success and feeling impotent to do anything.

    Thanks my long way of saying don’t worry about the teaching goals. Everyone I know is struggling too!

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    • cav12

      I understand their frustration. One day, schools will be teaching virtually, though I am concerned about the skills in socialising and interaction. I am already seeing the impact of the use of devices and how people communicate.
      Thank you for the pep talk, Jacqui 🙂


  2. Tony Payne

    I haven’t managed to do too well either in February. The UK has been on full lockdown since just after Christmas so haven’t managed to go anywhere or do much.
    Mid February I just started getting really tired and my brain was in a fog. Found out I had Covid (no idea how I caught it) and spent much of the last 3 weeks wiped out and exhausted.
    Started back to work today (working from home thankfully) and managed to get to the end of the day without falling asleep!
    Keep it up, you will get back into the swing, especially when the weather brightens up.

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    • cav12

      I am sorry to hear you were infected with COVID. It must have been such a shock and struggle to deal with. No wonder you weren’t able to do much!
      We’re heading into Winter in Australia, and while our weather is still warm, the mornings are getting cooler, though not as cold as the UK!
      Thank you, Tony, and I hope you are feeling much better.


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