Acts of inhumanity

As a follow up to my previous blog post Secret Societies, this next post is on Neo-Nazis. Instead of writing about them, I’ve created an infographic. It’s short and the content was part of my research for my new novella series The Coin of Time. I must admit, researching about the Nazis and the rise of Neo-Nazism was and still is confronting.

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Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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    • cav12

      I do wonder what people are missing in their lives to join such radicalism and drives them to act in terrible ways. Not sure if I will ever understand.


  1. Linnea Tanner

    Thank you, Luciana, for sharing the infographic When I read the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” I couldn’t understand how a nation could follow someone as evil as Hitler. That was until the last 4 years when I saw how easily it was for our former President to sway people with lies, racism, and hate in the USA. He used similar techniques as Hitler and other autocrats, including inciting an insurrection to overthrow legitimate election results. I sadly now know that division in a nation can destroy the fiber of society and how easily fascism can take hold. Democracy is fragile. We must constantly seek the truth and strive to unite as a people to prevent atrocities again.

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    • cav12

      It is scary, Linnea, how influential a person can be and the messages they convey. I am sad at how easily people are convinced and incited to terrible actions. If Hitler and his henchmen and followers aren’t enough as a lesson to learn from, then the future of humanity isn’t looking very good.
      Thank you for your very insightful comment, Linnea.

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