Goals update for July and August

I am really late for my goals update and thought it best to combine the last two months!

I just want to add to add I wasn’t born in 1932!! I took the photos with my mobile so the images aren’t great.

Personal Goals

Home and work life balance  

  • As predicted, late home each night from work so far this term. I’ll wait out the term before reviewing this goal


  • Purchased a balancing platform to help build core strength and keeping balance. One minute a day. Surely, that is doable!
    • Amendment to above purchase, managed once in the entire month of August. Head shake.


  • I did take photos while in Yallingup. Great shots of surfers and of the waves crashing.
    • I did take photos of murals in my home town. (see above)

Food and wine

  • Came across some new wineries in Margaret River. It was very educational 😉
    • I am doing quite well here; wine purchases are growing. Going to need a wine cellar soon.

Professional Goals


  • I have decided to not to apply for leadership positions as it will take me away from main goal of writing.
    • This hasn’t changed. My goal is now to focus on writing. Teaching will help pay the bills!


  • Great news. The Guardian’s Legacy is soon to be released into the publishing world, and Book 3 of Servant of the Gods series is with my editor. Now I need to get back into writing Book 2 in the Coin of Time series and my historical romance book.
    • More good news. Have received early positive reviews for The Guardian’s Legacy and Minotaur’s Lair Book 3 in the Servant of the Gods series is now with my editor.

Still reading the Serenity Prayer.

I did have a few days here where I didn’t read the prayer.

July came and went in a flash, and I have a feeling the remainder of the year will be the same. My focus for the next two months will be preparing for the book launch. I did manage to get a way for a week in our South West. I definitely needed the break away and I took lots of photos, some of which I have added here for you to look at.

So, August came and went. And there is less than 30 days to the book launch. I do have a competition, one of three. If you pre-order an ecopy, screenshot your receipt and email it to me: authorluciana@outlook.com, and you’ll be in the running to win a signed paperback.

One magical coin can change a life. Two can change the world.

Pre-order from



Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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    • cav12

      That’s good to know! What is your recommendation of time standing on a balance board?
      I had a chuckle with the work/life balance. I think my students would want to use it and no work would be completed!! 😉


    • cav12

      That is a good question, Glynis. It does. During the winter, I tend to hibernate, except for working that is and co-curricular activities with students. Now that the weather is changing and warming up, I will go out more to exercise, go for a walk and socialise more.

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