The Guardian’s Legacy by Luciana Cavallaro

When Nik learns about his grandfather’s secret, it propels him from a life as a high school teacher into an accomplice of an ancient legacy.

Nik visits his grandfather, Iasos, one afternoon who reveals in a conversation a family legacy dating back when heroes such as Herakles and tragic femme fatales, Helen of Sparta, lived and breathed. Nik is convinced his grandfather has the onset of dementia, until he does some research on the coin. What he finds changes his opinion of his grandfather’s revelation.

In The Guardian’s Legacy (eBook published 5 October 2021) will Nik join the ancient succession of guardians and become part of the legacy?

One magical coin can change a life. Two can change the world.

Throughout his life, he thought his grandfather was an academic with a passion for ancient history and family history. That is until he realises Iasos’s existence and experiences was anything but simple and understated. Nik is confounded as he learns more about the origin of his family’s legacy and commitment to keeping it a secret for the past three thousand years.

And how did Hitler know about the coin? Nik is about to discover that secrets are hazardous to one’s health.

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