Goals update for September

I know I cheated the last two months by combining July and August, but in my defence, I ran out of time! I am (fingers crossed) hoping to keep up with my goals for the remainder of the year.

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Personal Goals

Home and work life balance  

  • Now that the weather is getting warmer here in the southern hemisphere, I am planning to use the extra daylight and longer days for myself and leaving work early.


  • Still working on the balance board, not as frequent as I hoped but am using it.
    • I have started my walking routine. Now to keep going with it.


  • I do have photos, which I’ll post.

Food and wine

  • The new food plan is working really well and has helped with my autoimmune disease as well as improved my gut health.

Professional Goals


  • I completed the Aspiring Leaders course and it has helped me to conclude that I really don’t want a leadership position. It takes me away from writing, and if I was to take on such a role, then I will have no time to finish the stories I’ve started. That is a definitive no way.


  • Working on the book launch and trying a few new strategies to help get my book the best chance I can give it. I’ll have to wait and see how my latest work goes. The early reviews have been very positive. Yay…

Must admit, I haven’t read the Serenity Prayer of late, but I did start to read Viktor Frankel’s book Man’s search for meaning. There were a few messages I’ve taken from it so far. I’ll keep you posted, though I am reading another book as well.

Can’t believe September is over and October is knocking on the door, which means The Guardian’s Legacy officially goes live very soon. I am excited and nervous. It’s nice to have another book published and well, it has been a long journey to get here.

Thank you for your continued support and as always, I look forward to your comments and will respond.

Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, burnt out but not done… yet.


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  1. Annalisa Crawford

    Early reviews can mean so much, can’t they? Your new marketing strategies sound mysterious and interesting – I hope they work for you. As ever, that’s my biggest downfall – what works for one book doesn’t for the next, and it’s so frustrating.

    Walking is such a great exercise goal – if nothing else, to get you away from screens!

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    • cav12

      They are indeed! Not sure about the new marketing strategies, they work in the short-term, but need long-term marketing strategies to keep the interest going.
      It is annoying and frustrating, I’ve trialled a few different strategies and not with the same success. I guess we keep plugging away.

      I do enjoy walking. On my last outing, I saw three goannas sunning on the footpath. Thought it best to take a different route and leave them to the path 😉


  2. G. J. Jolly

    I wish I lived close to a sea or ocean. Your pictures of your shores are marvelous. I need to get back into a route of walking again. I’m quite certain it would help with my energy level. The balance board is an interesting idea. Of course, with my balance issues, it would be an instant flop for me. Enjoy the rest of October.

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    • cav12

      Thank you, Glynis. 🙂 I do love the ocean and we have an amazing coastline. I even enjoy when it is stormy and the waves are churning, and crashing. I like walking, the weather hasn’t be great of late but hopefully it will clear up soon. The balance board is about 2 to 3 inches off the ground, and is really great for re-engaging and building core strength, and pelvic floor muscles. I’ll let you know how I get on.
      Have a great October!

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